Love can fix anything!

Our mission:

To express the love of Jesus by providing all types of home and personal services to single mothers, widows and the elderly at no, or low, cost.

LoveWorks is a non-profit volunteer handyman network offering help, in Jesus name, in the North Raleigh area to those in need who might not have the skills, physical ability, time, or money to perform some of the everyday home repairs, or accomplish some of the everyday tasks, that many of us take for granted. Basically, we are a handyman and helper service to assist with almost any need in the home or life. As volunteers are available, we can help with things such as (but certainly not limited to)…

  • Home maintenance and repairs
  • Repair of household items and personal property
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Any personal service that cannot be accomplished because of physical limitations such as moving heavy items, changing lightbulbs
  • Limited difficult cleaning (i.e. unexpected mishaps, hard to reach places)
  • Errands
  • (What do you need help with? You finish the list!)

If you, or someone you know, is in need, contact us today! Or, explore the other pages on our site to find ways you can be involved.